Taste for the farmyward

I like cheeses whose flavour is described as 'farmyard'. This carries some downside.

Last week I'd been eating Perail and Soumaintrain. Both these cheeses have what often is called a 'farmyard' flavour. You can 'really taste the animal'. This carries risk - the following happened to me at the end of the week.

I was eating breakfast. I'm not a morning person, so you should picture the following flow of thoughts as a dusty troop of increasinly alarmed little animals limping through my brain.

  • Hmm interesting flavour.
  • Sort of farmyard, you can definitely taste the animal.
  • Actually that's a bit much, fecal really.
  • Wait! I'm eating porridge and nuts! How could it taste fecal?!
  • Oh I suppose if ....
  • Aaaagh! *Tries to spit out food, has swallowed most of it. Feels sick.*

The nuts were from a whole-food shop. Mice? Rats? A cat? Who knows? I'd prefer not to.

Published on Mar 18, 2017

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